Heterocera : Route4 vol.2

 Spectacle is the spot where there is a communication way to Route3 from Route4. I run for Route4 this time from Spectacle to the west.



Off-road spreads out for a while.


Heterocera has much planting, and there is not a thing feeling monotony in scenery in comparison with the off-road of other continents.


 Route4 is paved from Ello to the west(yellow line).  Place name indication in the viewer is not Route4, and it is Route 2A or Route2 short cut.

Elloから西は舗装されています。(黄色いライン)。地名表示がRoute4ではなくてRoute 2Aとかショートカットとか紛らわしい・・・

 It’s a comfortable drive course to the terminal. The indication of the place name changed in Route4 all too soon.


 Because the light blue section was repetition section with Route3, I got off Jeep on the way.


Roadside Rest Park which LDPW made here


LDPWが作ったRoadside Rest Parkというところです。

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