Second Norway : Eidsvoll

North next region of Sund, Eidsvoll, an entrance was enabled. There seems to be many meeting space here.


 Kino & Chill
Eidsvoll 1814” is a project aiming at teaching school children about the Norwegian constitution and how it was created at in the year 1814. The project is a co-operation between, NTNU and The National Centre for ICT i

「Eidsvoll 1814」は学童にノルウェーの規則について教えるとともに、なぜそれが1814年にでつくられたのかをも教えることを目指しているプロジェクトです。 このプロジェクトでは, NTNUとThe National Centre for ICT iが協同しています。

 An explanation board of Norwegian.

An explanation board in the English of contents same as explanation of Norwegian.


 Byggeplassen Sandbox

 A cliff of interesting form.

 The thatch has Japanese old house, too.

 Is it a cuttlefish?


 It is a teleporter to the sky.

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