Jeogeot : Gwenaver Bravin’s House

 Gwenaver Bravin’s House.Perhaps it is personal’s house here. However, the area did not have the place that I could introduce elsewhere.

Gwenaver Bravin’s House.プライベートなお宅なんでしょうけどグリーターが挨拶してくれたのでここでやっと今朝の散歩を終えることができます。

 The technical difference of the fashion-related shop is remarkable in mainland. As for the SS used for a vendor,many shops have both the avatar and the clothes of the freebie level.


Mainland is the world where a master coexists from a beginner. 


The area that the record of the search feels in a vain effort wants to pass me early.

しっかし探索記を個人宅1軒でやっと終わらせられる地域ってのはどうよww あ、それは景色メインでってことですよ。

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