Heterocera : Route4 vol.1

According to the road map of LDPW, the east starting point ( terminal) of Route4 is Malacosoma.


I did teleport to Malacosoma. The paved road extends to the south more and finally comes to a dead end in Maritime branch line of SLRR, Dubia Station. How should this illustrate? The starting point and the terminal of the highway in mainland may not be interpreted closely.

MalacosomaにTPしてみますと、その更に南へと舗装道路は伸びていて、最終的にはSLRRのMaritime branch line、Dubia Stationで行き止まりになっています。これはどう説明したらいいのか分かりませんが、LDPWも案外適当なので詮索しないほうがいいかもw

Oh! The name of SIM isn’t displayed by a map of my viewer. As for this, some kind of malfunction occurs.

http://slurl.com/secondlife//81/55/59 It is such an indication.


http://slurl.com/secondlife//81/55/59 になっちゃいます。

The pavement breaks off in Dimidiata.



A communication way(Light blue) to Route3 diverges in Spectacle. I advance to the communication way.

Urban Pug City, Electrolight dance club, underground life

“House Music Dance Events Club Drive Street Race Ninja Shop Building Rent Lease  Office Apt Shop Space Ad Minimal Skate shoes Skatepark Park C:SI Samurai  DOJO Guns DCS GTA RP”


It seems to be a place for a kind of RP here.

There were some shops.

I advanced more.

There is a building by LDPW at the join with Route3.

I got off Jeep here.


Some carriages are put in the inside of the building. It is unknown what this building is.

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