U.S. Congressional investigation initiated by Toyota

from DN.SE

U.S. Congressional investigation of the Japanese Toyota began on Tuesday with a car owner testified against the scandalous biljätten(What kind of meaning is bilj tten?).

WASHINGTON. A few years ago, he suffered a sudden runaway acceleration in his Lexus. On Wednesday, the CEO of Toyota’s Akio Toyoda to be accountable to Congress.

There are growing suspicions that Toyota, the world’s largest automaker, has dark the serious technical problems in particular has led to now have been forced to recall 8.5 million cars of several models of “unwanted acceleration”.In addition, withdrawal Prius for problems with the brakes.

Toyota has apparently dropped on the defensive and struggling to recover their wounded confidence. The company’s U.S. director James Lenz acknowledged on Monday that it dragged on for too long to address the vulnerabilities that have now come to the surface.





トヨタ(世界最大の自動車メーカー)が深刻な技術的問題を隠蔽しているという疑いが広がっている。今は、「不必要な加速」をするいくつかのモデル850万台の車をリコールすることを強いられた。 その上に、ブレーキに関する問題のためPriusの回収だ。


“It took too long for us to grab these rare, but serious safety … on accelerators, we failed to quickly analyze and react to information we received from Europe and the U.S., “he admitted.

Both Lenz as chief Toyoda be questioned by a congressional committee on Wednesday. It is about three vulnerabilities: an error accelerator, accelerator, which are trapped in the carpet and a failure of the braking system of the hybrid models (including the Prius). The recalled cars are predominantly manufactured in the U.S., and Toyota, initially blamed on sub-suppliers of the components in question.

The U.S. Congressman Henry Waxman said in a letter published on Monday, Toyota for having “systematically rejected” the possibility that it was about electrical failures could have caused problems with acceleration. He also claimed that Toyota’s statements were “misleading”. Waxman also questioned the American road work NHTSA’s competence, because the Authority had not responded to the numerous complaints of sudden unintended acceleration.

Akio Toyoda, who is the grandson of the car company’s founder, is expected to be heavily grilled by the U.S. congress men. He has apologized for its behavior.

「我々がこれらのまれであるが、深刻な安全に関わる問題を把握するのに長くかかりすぎました…アクセラレータで、我々は素早くヨーロッパとアメリカから受けた情報を分析して、反応することができませんでした 」と彼は認めた。

トヨダのチーフとしてのレンツは、水曜日に議会委員会によって質問される。 それは、およそ3つの脆弱さ:エラーアクセラレータ、雑多なモデル(Priusを含む)のブレーキシステムのマットと誤作動するアクセラレータ。リコールされた車はアメリカで主に製造されている。そしてトヨタはまず最初に問題はその供給元のせいにした。



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