Garden for the Missing

 My friend,Selene,a Hawaiian medical student sent a notecard to me. She said to me in a few minutes.

“Did you read it? I am very sad.”

It was written in the notecard as follows.

“200 Posters of Missing Persons. Can you help? Could you recognize anyone?

Please visit our beautiful gardens surrounding the faces of missing persons.

Look around, see if you know any of the missing people.

And spread the word! The more people who see the garden, the more the chance that some family will finally get some answers.

All missing persons posters are clickable, so that you can read more about their disappearances. And feel free to have a seat in the garden and enjoy the wonderful sunsets, or play in the beach playground.

Please IM Ronnie Rhode with any questions”.

I said that I would go to there for Selene later. And I stood in the place several hours later.

 There was sad reality strictly there. Because I am a Japanese, I am worthless about the news of American people. I wish they are found as soon as possible.

 Similar situation is taking place in Japan. SL is useful for various uses. Only entertainment is not SL. It may be that it is desirable for this 3D world is tied to an existing network, and a new social infrastructure to be built. Where is the world where I share sorrow with Selene besides SL? As for me, it is impossible on the existing Internet.

 We may be confused by technical sudden progress. The technical progress must be given for the happiness of people. I own the hope in the 3D world.

I show respect for Ronnie Rhode which is a sponsor of Garden for the Missing.

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