The inside document of Toyota



House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform announced inside document about a large-scale recall of Toyota Motor on 21st.
“We were able to save more than 100,000,000 dollars after negotiations with the authorities in the issue of recall.”
“By having prevented a recall of 2007 from becoming large,we saved a large amount of expense”.
The document was written like that.

It is inevitable that an investigation is strengthened in the public hearing of the committee of 24th when President Akio Toyota of Toyota attends. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform obtained the document in an investigation process. It is contents emphasizing that Yoshimi Inaba of the existing North America Toyota president gives result by pressure to the U.S. authorities and the U.S. assembly about company Washington Office in the beginning of July, 09. This document was considered to be secret handling.

July, 09 is before the large-scale recall announcement of Toyota September of the year, reckless driving / fatal and injury accident of the Lexus car in the U.S. West Coast of August of the year.

The Representative Darrell Issa of House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform is going to investigate Toyota in a public hearing.

Toyota announced the statement on the same day.
“We think about the security of the customer to having top priority,it is not appropriate to conclude to be cost serious consideration than security only in one inside document”.

Why does not the Japanese want to explain it? And why does the Japanese complain later?

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