The island that is public cannot be relaxed.

I went south in Blake Sea and aimed at the tropical island…

 Blake Seaを南下してトロピカルな島を目指したものの・・・

 When I arrived at the island, a man was already there and talked to me. The man demanded sexual intercourse from me. What shallow man. When I refused the demand, he clicked his tongue and left.

男一人がそこにいて、あたしが船を付けると寄ってくるw いえ、男が欲しくて航海してるのではありません。断ると舌打ちして去る男。

 SL is not in the world only for it. Is the man who is lonely in reality many results?


 I expected relaxation here, but it seems to be impossible.


My land can be relaxed most after all 🙂


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