Jeogeot : NAGAYA

 NAGAYA *little Kyoto* JAPAN NAGAYA is a good old place for me. I knew existence of SL three years ago and bought a book about SL. Here was introduced to the book. It surprised me and lets me log in to SL early. I who logged in to SL did TP to here in defiance of orientation.


I acquired sushi in this building.

“The second life is a communication tool basically”

Randy Kamaboko which was the owner of the beginning of NAGAYA said with an SL formula guide(JP).

“Japanese players increase in these past several months, and there are much communities in each place. However, several months later, the core community repeats division, too,it change the form,activity of a kind of life will be continued in SL. Even if it is any kind of purpose,the number of people to form core community,maintain it is the key which is idle in SL for a long time.”

I started SL, and 3 years passed. I think that his essence of the words does not change. Landy came out of NAGAYA and may have changed in quality. It is natural.

NAGAYAの最初のオーナーであったRandy KamabokoさんがSL公式ガイドで言っていました。



A group and the community are not permanent. We don’t understand whether the group is suitable for oneself till we enter. We don’t understand whether a friend is permanent. It is important that we find the core group first. The expectations of people in SL are various. While we spend it for a long time in this world, the difference of expectations come to the front. However, it does not deserve pessimism. We should look for it patiently.


There is a good Shinto shrine there. I pray for the day that therefore is tranquility in SL.


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