Jeogeot Walking 8

I go south from Madhupak of the Jeogeot continent Southeast. I walked along the shore and flew. I passed private houses, barren lands, and blank grounds.

Such an area has much land which set up Ban Lines and security system. However, postponement time from warning to BAN is equal to or less than 10 seconds. I tried escape hastily from the land, but I was sent back home to my house. Of course the setting of the land is the state of things of the owner. As a method to remove a person passing the land,it spoils a trip that a postponement of the escape is not given. Probably this area will continue being the place that is indifferent to  visitors.

Old inhabitants leave SL, and new inhabitants participate. As for it, there is a possibility that a building and a standard of landscape do not rise. The replacement of inhabitants in mainland in particular is intense. The scene which seems to be a building such as the building block play and the construction spot lets me disillusion.

LOS ANGELES YACHT CLUB. I finally found the place to drop in at in the vicinity of the southernmost extreme of the peninsula.

However, is the yacht voyage in this small sea pleasant? There is prejudice in my thought. It is my thought that is a traveler. Even if it is any land, it is splendid land for the the owner and friends.

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