Cat on the large sea 広大な海でCatさん

Cat gave a message to me.
“The park on the mountain in Lala Moon region was completed”.
When I visited the region, many cherry trees were planted.
Cat wants to float a ship off the coast.

Lala Moonの山の上の公園が完成したとCatさんから知らせを受けて行ってみると花見に調度いい場所が出来上がってました。沖合いに船を浮かべたいというCatさん。

 I remembered that I talked to her about USS before by the words of “ship”. I went to USS with her. And we started a voyage by a yacht..


 The steerage while we talk are complicated. I should have used the yacht automated more.

こういうヨットは話しながら乗るときはJuliさんのとかのほうがいいかもですw 操作が煩雑になってしまう。

 Was Cat interested in the very large sea?


In her having made a ship originally,it is certain that she is interested in the large sea.


Oh,I must prepare for the dinner…  Cat,we will play again 🙂


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