Swedish cuisine : Smörgås vol.1


Smörgås,the open sandwich of Sweden is a dish consisting of a slice of bread with one or more toppings, including cheese, ham, caviar,smoked salmon,liver pate,cold steak,bacon,meatballs,shrimps,herring, fish fillets,vegetables, jam, soft whey cheese or sliced boiled eggs. Often spread the first layer of butter or margarine directly onto the bread.

This is typically complemented by some herbs and vegetables such as parsley, cold salad, thinly sliced cucumber, tomato wedges and/or pickled beets etc on the same slice of bread. A condiment, such as mayonnaise, or mayonnaise-based dressing is also often included in some form.

Smörgås is a traditional sandwich in other Nordic countries (Danish: smørrebrød, Norwegian: smørbrød). Smörgås may be called macka.

A sandwich can be in the Swedish cuisine eaten at any time of day, for all targets. Most common is probably for breakfast. For dinner, there is a sandwich only to certain dishes, such as soup. Most restaurants have bread and butter to provide the food. To eg a conference serve a sandwich with cheese in the morning is considered almost as obvious.



その他の北欧諸国においてもスモーゴースは伝統的なサンドイッチです。 (Danish: smørrebrød, Norwegian: smørbrød),. スモーゴースはマッカとも言われるかも知れません。

As for the sandwich in Japan, English Sandwiches  are the mainstream. The open sandwich is sold in few shops, but the cognitive degree in Japan is low. There is much supply of the sandwich by the convenience store and  fast food franchise in Japan, standardized sandwiches are common.

日本におけるサンドイッチはEnglish Sandwichesが主流。 オープンサンドイッチは少数の店で売られるが日本での認知度は低いです。日本ではコンビニエンスストアやファストフードチェーンによるサンドイッチの供給が多く、規格化されたサンドイッチが一般的。

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