De hetaste nättrenderna : This is the hottest net trend.

from DN.SE

She is the blog with full track of most things related to life on the internet.
Johanna Ögren has made itself known with sites and
Today she starts blogging on

We asked Johanna Ögren uncover the hottest trends in …

… blogsphere:

– The “old blogsphere” so I think I discern a certain weariness. Many old blogger has come a long way to the blog may not be as important a platform for them anymore. They have used the blog to lift itself up to other positions where they have a heavy and important voice in the debate.At least it feels that way.

– For the young blog Guard, I think Kenza will bring a new hängseltrend (Kenza drove with braces for tights when she was out at the pub last week.) On the map! And then the BUS-bloggers (Sunless tanning blogs – type cows and Dessie and paow.) Need to provoke even more to reach out. At this writing is of course such Kissie under the knife to get nice chest for the summer.

… Social Media:

– The talk about Twitter is dying, but the fact is that more people choose to twitter through various programs and clients instead of visiting the website. Presumably, the declining number of visitors from this.

– Overall growth in both Facebook and Twitter right now, and with increasing body of users, I think we will see a lot more groups. Even today, I can almost be surprised when I encounter twitter community is huge and has a single point of contact with my own bubble.

… shopping online:

– The e-shop is of course now like any other shopping channel at any time, we reflect little more than that. Instead, we become more and more courageous, try foreign sites, buying expensive things. We know it’s safe to e-shop. And so begins many maternity girls web shops – it’s nice to see that women are driving entrepreneurship in the network to the extent they are doing!

… Search Services:

– The intelligent search engines start to gently turn up at the stadium. We’re talking recommendation engines rather than engines. Seek ye are based on our own nätbeteende and social recommendations and functions plays increasingly important role when we find what we’re looking for.

… Other net trend:

– It is interesting to “network on the go”, I think – we are seeing more and more using your mobile phone. The mobile internetpenetreringen is quite high among young Swedish women in particular, and we are constantly connected wherever we find ourselves. Mobile is the least of all a device to dial in.

Read Johanna Ögrens blog “Webbloggen(Web logs)”.

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