My schooner,”Brederode”

 I bought BLACKSPOT The Cormorant. And I am an examination voyage now 🙂

 A high-speed yacht passes the side of my schooner.

 This schooner of BLACKSPOT, Cormorant, associates Dutch type of sailing vessel in the 16th century,fluyt.  Fluyt originally designed as a dedicated cargo vessel. The design of fluyts was largely similar to that of the early galleons. These ships typically weighed 200-300 tons and were approximately 24.4 m in length. My schooner is slightly bigger than fluyt at full length 37m.

このブラックスポットのスクーナー、「コルモラン」は16世紀のオランダの帆船フラウトを思い起こします。日本語版Wikiでは「フリュート」となっていますが、[flœyt])がそんな発音になるかどうか。フラウトで調べても楽器のフラウト・トラヴェルソしか出てきませんね。いいや日本語はw  フラウトはもともと貨物船として設計された船です。その形は初期のガレオン船によく似ていました。これらの船は、一般的に200-300トンの重さで、長さおよそ24.4mでした。私のスクーナーは全長37mで、フラウトより少し大きいですね。

 Fluyt adjusts it to the shallow for a good distance from the shore Dutch coast, and the draft is light,and it had tall masts to add to speed. The top was heavy, and it was in danger of the overturn.


 Schooners were first used by the Dutch in the 16th or 17th century, and further developed in North America from the early 18th century. Schooners and fluyt seem to have been made first together in the Netherlands.


 Brederode was a ship of the line of the navy of the United Provinces of the Netherlands, and the flagship of the Dutch fleet in the First Anglo-Dutch War. She launched at Rotterdam in 1644,she was the flagship of Vice Admiral Witte Corneliszoon de With.  Michiel de Ruyter took over command on 1652..


I name this schooner Brederode.


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