Public bath inworld

 There is much Public baths in the Japanese town. There are many public baths in Japanese regions. Public baths using water from hot springs are particularly popular. Cat and I talked there for approximately 3 hours. This virtual public bath relaxes real us 🙂

 Japanese loves bathing. Because the color of hot water changes, this bathhouse has good Visual Effects.

 Near the entrance area is a supply of small stools and buckets. There are a number of washing stations at the wall and sometimes in the middle of the room, each with usually two faucets, one for hot water and one for cold water, and a shower head.

The public bath is a place of the communication for a Japanese. We talked in this way for three hours. We got puffed up and should have really fallen down if we took a bath for three hours 🙂  This is our pleasure only by SL.

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