Jeogeot : Chilbo vol.5

I walked around east regions of Chilbo,Kuwol and Soyeonpyeongdo. According to the map, density of side walk which community installed seems to be low. This area may continue being expanded now.

 Relax, unwind…chill :-).  Translation to the Japanese of the word called “chill” is difficult. Perhaps even if it is not a bad meaning…  Is it a meaning such as “cool down”?

 Japan is just morning now. I drink tea here and awake 🙂

 Sleightly. Purveyors of All Things Arcane and Mysterioso.
“A magic (parlour, not Elemental, sorry) shop and library.  Should the proprietor be absent, ask the cat for details. ”

The processing of the neighborhood of entrance of this building is splendid.

 The eastern part of region has some buildings awaiting entering. It may be region under construction here.

 South next Soyeonpyeongdo. The place called Garnet Catch.

 Hosting the Chilbo “Time Wall.”  Is this a progress management panel of the construction?

 “The Chilbo Time Wall is a collection of VisualWeek Panels of Chilbo residents.  The VisualWeek Panel seeks to bridge the “Time Wall” — which causes residents to miss each other because they are not in-world when their friends are.  By checking the Panel, residents can see when their friends have been on-line recently so they can anticipate when they might next be in-world.”

 Oh,I see 🙂

Probably this region will be filled up from now on.

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