Chita (February 12, 2010)

 Chita of the private region stands alone with north next homestead,Rera in an ocean. It’s a resident of Chita at the same time as I’m the only resident of Rera. Chita is not business region. Chita is region of the community named Chair. There is the community house which Cho of the region owner made in the center of region. He is most prominent architect, landscaper in Chita,and it is an eminent creator concerned with Mermaid Temple and Tempura Island in SL.

 Cho which is a busy businessman in reality does not like that it is spent a lot of time in SL. He loves Chita deeply and finds sabbath for conversing with in the community. However, Cho and the inhabitants had to spend time on many events because there were many demands of the event from the outside in Chita.

 Cho found the interval of the event and changed scenery of Chita from winter to spring. The snow piled up disappeared, and a green grassy place appeared in Chita.

 Time when he planted a white flower seemed to be the most pleasant. The preference of inhabitants is different each. There are some people who are not interested in building and Landscaping. Cho observed the state of inhabitants for a long time. And he changed grand texture of Chita into a grassy place from sand this time. Actually, he got tired of sand. Anyone likes life in the sandy beach in the days of the beginning. He waited for the consciousness of inhabitants to rise patiently.

 One of the inhabitants, Johnnyhsu are Taiwanese. Many cases in the reality are similar, and he loves Japan. Many Japanese like Taiwan, too.

He speaks fluent Japanese and English. And he loves the culture of the Japanese girl.

However, the kanji that he uses is different from Japanese it. Rather the kanji invented in China is originally this.

 The owner does not have free landscaping in region that many inhabitants live.

Chita may be contrastive with Rera changing the figure by my preference.

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2 Responses to Chita (February 12, 2010)

  1. choho says:

    hi uji!

  2. ujiyasu says:

    UW 😀

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