Black Spot Shipyard

 Sailing boats are sold here.

The Spray is a drivable sail boat. It is made of 46  Prims and is mod and copy, no transfer.

The Raven is a Sloop meant to be a decorative small ship for your harbour but also a drivable boat to sail the SL Seas.
It is made of 97  Prims (including sails) and is mod and copy, no transfer.

The Pelican is a  brig, 2 masts, 8 sails, a drivable ship of ca.  37 meters made of 185  Prims and is mod and copy, no transfer.

The Cormorant is a Schooner of 37 meters length, 2 masts, 7 sails
It comes in 2 versions:
– With a living space / cabin  under deck, 213 Prims
– Without cabin, 201 Prims

The Cormorant is drivable
Permissions are mod and copy, no transfer.

 Because view is large, in the flat deck, steerage seems easily.

 This has the brief hold.

 I liked this most. As for this, a model of a vessel is the most elegant.

The CROW  v.4.0 is a Full rigged ship.  This ship is NOT a moving vehicle.

226 Prims
Sails:  12 Prims
 10 working Cannons: 20 Prims
Flag: 1 Prim
Alltogether: 259  Prims

 Perhaps this is Galleon or Carrack.

 It may be good to put favorite preparation in a cabin.

 SL becomes disadvantageous in comparison with RL from a ship of the size of this neighborhood.

The Black Sparrow Pirate Ship. The ship is made of 438  Prims including 14 working cannons. This ship is NOT a moving vehicle!

 As for the ship of the setting type of the highest grade, the decoration is excellent, too.

 The waterfront is splendid, too.

 I remember Willem van de Velde(Younger  Elder),Dutch marine painter at  this scene.

Wiki : De krijgsraad aan boord van de ‘De Zeven Provinciën’, het admiraalschip van Michiel Adriaensz de Ruyter, 10 juni 1666 (Willem van de Velde I, 1693).jpg

The ship drawn on the left is Michiel de Ruyter‘s  flagship HNLMS De Zeven Provinciën.

 I wanted to do steerage of Schooner in the Blake Sea.

I must save.

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