Unrest of the Japan-U.S. alliance is depression of Asia / the Pacific region

from Sankei News(JP)

The Japanese Hatoyama government and the aggravation with U.S.A. concerned do Asia / the Pacific region gloomily. Each country concerned feels Chinese rise than North Korean menace and it pressingly. The Japanese has completely forgotten consciousness that the U.S. Armed Forces in Japan stabilized this area.

 In Korea confronting North Korea of the nuclear armament, the concern to the Japan-U.S. relationship to creak is not small.

“Weakening of the Japan-U.S. alliance, the Japanese-Chinese approach are reconfirmation of the U.S. Korea alliance reinforcement for Korea”.
A certain Korean university professor said.

On the occasion of Korean Peninsura emergency, the U.S. Marine Corps of the Okinawa stationing is to unfold as rapid reaction force. If a base  moves in Guam; the influence that is serious for Korean security as for it.

“An US base problem of Okinawa is not a problem only for Japan. The good Japan-U.S. relationship is very important for the neighboring nations. It worries the countries of the circumference that Japan-U.S. alliance is upset.”

Of course, in the case of Taiwan, their menace is China. As for the Chinese intense repulsion to Obama U.S.A. Administration having announced the weapon sale to Taiwan, it was amplified the wariness of Taiwan inhabitants to China. The inhabitants in search of unification with China are only 2% in Taiwan.

The Prime Minister Singaporean Lee Hsien Loong said.
“The American presence in Asia / the Pacific region is indispensable.The Japanese Government should not hurt alliance relations with U.S.A. The Japanese action has bad influence on the security of the area.”

“When the United States Armed Forces became the situation to withdraw with military power from Japan by any chance, Asian other countries receive U.S.A. instead and will be going to suppress the shock at the minimum. Because Japan was a U.S. ally, it has been expected a role in the security in the Southeastern Asian level. If it disappears, Japan is not respected by each precincts country.”

When the American Marine Corps withdrew from Okinawa, there is bad influence for Korea and U.S.A. In emergency, the reinforcement of U.S. forces to Korea from the base more far-off than Okinawa wastes time. It gains casualties of U.S. Korea each soldiers. It is the natural consequences that Japan refuses the stationing of U.S. forces and dies out. However, the existence of the United States Armed Forces of Okinawa is important for the security of surrounding nations. Why does not the Japanese know it? Or why is not the Japanese going to know it? 

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