Jeogeot : Chilbo vol.4

 The south side of Route10 penetrating Chilbo from the southwest to the northeast is a slant place. Green tracts of land and houses of inhabitants and institutions of the community are divided along alleys used by length and breadth.

 A view of south regions is splendid from the southwest edge of region.

 Chilbo Public Library
“Chilbo Public Library specializes in books, information, and research about virtual worlds, the emerging Metaverse, and what it means to live in an increasingly digital world.  Students and classes welcome!”

 Chilbo Museum Center Complex
“The Chilbo Museum Center Complex hosts rotating exhibits from artists around the grid.  Curated by Corcosman Voom, the Musem Center brings cutting edge virtual and immersive art to the Mainland.  Provided by the Chilbo Community. ”

 There are many galleries in Chilbo. It seems to be art Park.

 Region can be said to be art generally.

 Reformation Library & Seminary in Chilbo
“The Reformation Library & Seminary has resources for Lutherans and Christians, including books, sermons, landmarks, and more.  Contact Amanda Maeterlinck for assistance.”

I did not watch the details of this building inside,notecards were stored away by the books which equalled a bookshelf.

Chilbo Community Home
“Chilbo’s Community Home –  for those who need a place to set their home location!  Chilbo’s own hostel or hotel or community housing, whatever term you prefer!”

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