Sweden to send a new platoon to Afghanistan

Fler än 500 svenskar på plats i Afghanistan efter förstärkning   from DN.SE

Sweden reinforce troops in Afghanistan. A platoon of about 30 soldiers sent from the regiment in K3 Karlsborg next week.

– It is an extraordinary event when two officers in a Swedish platoon killed. Therefore, we have taken this decision, “said defense operation manager Anders Lindstrom to DN.

The platoon, where they killed the soldiers Gunnar Andersson and Johan Palmlöv was going home to Sweden on a regular time off next week. They are now replaced immediately with new soldiers, something that was not planned.

– We are in need of soldiers because of the situation in Afghanistan, “says Anders Lindstrom.

The soldiers are from the so-called strategic reserve. This means that they can be sent down without further parliamentary approval. According to the decision from 19 November last year, limits are placed 855 people in Afghanistan strength. The assessment so far has been that the Swedish force will consist of approximately 500 people in 2010.

Normally not replaced the soldiers who are home on scheduled leave. From next week, hence the number of Swedes in Afghanistan to be more than 500.

the regiment in K3 Karlsborg may be Parachute Rangers,in Swedish Fallskärmsjägarna.

スウェーデンは、アフガニスタンへ部隊を増援します。 約30名の1個小隊が、来週、K3カールスボリイの連隊から送られます。



兵士達はいわゆる戦略予備から派出されます。 彼らの派兵は議会承認を必要としません。昨年11月19日の決定によると、限度855人としてアフガニスタンの前線に駐留します。 アセスメントはスウェーデン部隊は500名の規模で構成されています。通常交替するはずだった兵士達はそのまま残ります。従って来週からアフガニスタンのスウェーデン兵は500名を越えることになります。


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