Nautilus : The “Big Fish” Regions

LDPW added to the seas in The Nautilus Continent. LDPW refers the area to The Big Fish Regions. The regions consists of ten regions.

As for Blake Sea, yacht racing is prosperous.

 Yachts  go half round the island and leaves for the east at a violent speed.

I looked at the state from the depths of the inlet of Spyglass.

 I sailed from it for The Big Fish Regions.

 My yacht goes to the north. I changed a course afterwards to the northwest.

 I pass through the small waterway of Impish Glee northwest. As for the Sculpt coconut tree, drawing is slow. When my yacht passes by, there is still some coconut trees of the globe.

I came in Ahab’s Haunt in The Big Fish Regions. Is that the bone of the dinosaur?’s%20Haunt/198/22/70

 A steamship appears in Ishmael.

 I went to the small waterway of Glookbone to lead to the east open sea of the continent. Because it is not fallen out when an owner of the land changes, such a place needs attention.

 Aww… I faced with the dead end at once.

I arrived at the yacht harbor of Tordangle. The voyage in the inland sea of the continent becoming easy for the significance of The Big Fish Regions.

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7 Responses to Nautilus : The “Big Fish” Regions

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  2. In English the skeleton is called the remains of a leviathan, which means, roughly, “sea monster”. But in Herman Melville’s famous Moby Dick novel, leviathan indeed is a big fish or, more accurately, a whale.

    Also: thanks for including my Chilbo office in another post on your blog. 🙂

  3. ujiyasu says:

    If I look, I think that it is near to sea monster. The frame of the whale is possible, too. I often have a case to notice later.

    Your English explanation is very useful then.

    And the community of Chilbo can assert with the one of them which are the best in SL.

    I realize English profundity 🙂

  4. I like Chilbo as well. I’m not very active (at all) in community events. That probably won’t change, since I’m trying to downsize in SL in general.

    Inspired by one of your posts here I created a Reaction Grid account (free) and have been exploring that world a bit. I’ve been having some problems teleporting around, but it seems to hold great promise. Very empty, though.

    Haven’t tried out Blue Mars yet.

  5. ujiyasu says:

    “at all” 😀

    How is the trial of your downsize in SL in general?

    Other much Grids may deserve the exploration, too.
    And I can expect that to be many it is the place where the density of people is still low.

    Blue Mars? Is it Blue Mars that Developer is Avatar Reality?

  6. baker b. says:

    Sorry for the really late response.
    More on Blue Mars here. Not sure the connection with Avatar Reality.

    Ooops, looks like there is a direct connection.

  7. ujiyasu says:

    The Developer of Blue Mars is Hawaii-based Avatar Reality. The president of Avatar Reality,Kazuyuki Hashimoto was VP of the former U.S.A.’s greatest game software company,Electronic Arts.

    In more past.He was related to development of Final Fantasy in Square.

    His cofounder are Henk Rogers,Alexy Pajitnov…

    As for Blue Mars, it is still thought that developing.

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