Jeogeot : Chilbo vol.2

There seems to be this community in Chilbo and Madhupak as far as I watch the map in the town hall.

 I try tour ride by bicycle.

The tour ride explains the neighborhood rapidly. Of course I was not able to understand most of the explanation. lol.

 Home of Baker Bloch.I enter the inside without permission and am all right?

 I have entered. Hehe.A red circle is Chilbo, and blue one is Sunkland. Sunkland…

 Details map of Sunkland.

 La Bella Dam Jazz Club

 It is the good building which is opening-like.

 There are many shops along Route10 of the main street.

Chilbo Community Gardens.  As for me, it was talked to much newbie. The memory of my PC already reached the limit and was frozen when I opened my dictionary.

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