Tough Lithuanian

Dėl ekonominių priežasčių Vienos pokylio Vilniuje šiemet nebus

from 15 min (Vilnius,Lithuania)

For economic reasons, the Vienna Vilnius this year will be toast

One toast organizers announced that this year’s economic difficulties will be held one ball.

However, the continuation of Lithuania’s first charity event of particular importance and the public needed to tradition, on 27 February One toast will be held in Vilnius charity evening-action “Understand, atjausk, help” hotel “toured” Column Hall. Dancing ball of the difficult economic situation in 2010 will be held.

Such decision was taken, and toast Carer Organizing Committee, meeting on 18 January

Charity evening-during the campaign will have a support Santariskes Vilnius University Children’s Hospital patient 12-year-old diamonds that is suggested by doctors and specialists konsiliumas. In addition to expanding the parents, but relatives of a girl under the auspices of the infancy of the internal organs are carried out complex operations. In summer, the new girl is awaiting an operation in support of funding the planned purchase of special treatment and rehabilitation, health services and measures.

stone me! What does toast mean? Is Lithuanian different from English in the word order? I brought the result that enumerated words. I abandoned that I translated it into Japanese in the latter half of the article in particular.

日本の方は読まないでください>< リトアニア語の翻訳を試みましたが後半まるで訳せませんでしたw 語順が英語とも違うようです。そしてもちろん日本語とも全く違う。もうぐちゃぐちゃ・・・



しかし、リトアニア初のきわめて重要なチャリティイベントの継続と人々は2月27日の伝統を必要としています。あるトーストが「ビリニュス慈善事業の夕べ」において「理解してくれ、atjausk、助けてくれ」hotel “toured” Column Hall. 2010年の難しい経済状況のダンスボールは、確保されるでしょう。

そのような決定はされて、トーストCarer Organizing委員会でした。そして、1月18日に会いました、

Charity evening-during the campaignは医者と専門家konsiliumasによって提案されるSantariskes Vilnius University Children’s Hospital の患者12周年記念をサポートします。


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