Jeogeot : Chilbo vol.1

  The SIM of the Jeogeot continent Southeast,Chilbo is the scenery which calmed down. I did driving of Route10 sometimes before. I passed here then. This time,I walked south Route9 of Route10  from the west. Route9 goes along south next Madhupak of Chilbo. Some flags of Chilbo are put up on the roadside in Madhupak. Chilbo is a name of SIM and a name of the community. I came to the town hall to know more Chilbo.

 Here is much laggy. The existence of the bulletin board with a great deal of texture change. My PC cannot load texture changing every moment. And the bulletin board of the left edge fell into script error.

“meezmo BeBe 1.2: Could not find texture”

The town hall of Chilbo.

 The numerousness of the notice thing depends on a characteristic of the community.

 The radar which displays the location position of the members. This may be a cause of lag, too.

 The login situation of all inhabitants is displayed here.

 There was the SS of the person with the recognition 🙂


Chilbo is a community of artists, architects, educators, musicians, parents, hobbyists, students, and people from around the world who share a common vision that our interactions and experiences in virtual worlds can have a positive impact on our real world and our real lives. The Chilbo sim in Second Life is the cultural center of our community, but neither physical nor virtual location limits our ability to collaborate and share resources with one another.”

The sentence mentioned above was written in the beginning of notecard named The Chilbo Philosophy. We can refer to the following links at this place.

 This may be the community where a hurdle is expensive for a person of the non-English zone.

My PC seems to be frozen. I must do re-log.

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7 Responses to Jeogeot : Chilbo vol.1

  1. Chilbo has a presence on the Reaction Grid also.
    I must do re-log.

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Oh,It seems to be an Open Sim hosting provider.

  3. fleep tuque runs chilbo on reaction grid, as well. i also have sims on reaction grid. when you go there, look for “wizzy” and “xeno” sims on the map. 😉

  4. ujiyasu says:

    I try login in reaction grid. 🙂

  5. Corcosman Voom says:

    Glad you visited Chilbo : )

  6. ujiyasu says:

    I’m glad to discover splendid Chilbo.:-)

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