The tram which Cat is producing

 “The skin of sakurako was bargain by Valentine fair.”

Because Cat gave IM to me, I hurried to sakurako Skin. It is 214L$ with the set of skin and shape. The skin of my younger sister is already finished with decision. It was decided that I bought the new skin of sakurako.  When my younger sister went to the sandbox of Bare Rose, Cat makes a train.

sakurakoさんのスキンがバレンタインフェアやっているとIMくれたCatさん。いそいそと買いにいきましたさw だって語呂合わせで214L$の超破格お値段ですよ。サブのスキンはもう決めてあるので今回はメインアバのスキンにしようと。でもってサブに切り替えてBare Roseのサンドへ行くとCatさんが電車を作っていましたが・・・

 She seems to make her train of local specifications somehow or other. I remembered that I did not make my train for a while.


We did playful conversation,but She continued making a train surely. She is an owner of peculiar talent…


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