The thought that is estranged from Japanese global community

Man in the News: Akio Toyoda from FT.


“Yet the head of the world’s biggest carmaker fumbled a request by foreign television crews to make a statement in the language. Worse than his halting response was the fact that no one at Toyota seemed to have anticipated the demand – or the more general need to address a global audience.”

It may be world surprise that a company having a customer in the world does not comment in English. However, as for the Japanese, his interview hardly have sense of incongruity.

And Japanese is very strong in a sense of victimization. There is some person saying that Toyota was rolled up in an American plot.

However, the Japanese attacked a company intensely when a victim appeared to the Japanese in an accident of Swiss Schindler Elevator.

Whaling and the problem of the Atlantic tuna, overseas repulsion about Yasukuni shrine, a problem of the Japanese recognition of the Japanese war responsibility, will not we Japanese have to reconsider it both?

Many Japanese will answer.

“There is not the need. Because we are victims.”

I think that this Japanese thought is not recovered…





しかしスイスのSchindler Elevatorの事故で日本人に犠牲者が出た時、日本人は激しく企業を攻撃したものです。





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