Jeogeot Walking 7…

I walked along the south shore of the drive course of Jeogeot continent southern part Route9 which my older sister did driving of yesterday(The light blue line). There was not the place that I wrote in particular.


This did not apply to it in my standard. Therefore, the area is not a bad place. I write it along my standard. A lot of Japanese surely lived in there, too. My standard is not it. I do not mean to write a Japanese advertisement. I make much of the scene which I like.  Superior landscaping,the subarctic zone is much better than the popular tropical zone,I drop in at such land.

これは別にあたしの基準でそうしてるので無いからといっていいとか悪いとかじゃないです。言っとかないと必ずクレームくるんですよw うちの紹介ないけど無視したのかとか、うちは悪い景観なのかってね。「あたしの基準で言ってるだけです」




 I will spend it at home after a long absence today 🙂

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