Jeogeot Walking 6

(A) Anthology. The trees such as the illustration are interesting. The grassy plain just before the forest gives scenery contrast.


The inhabitants who are interested in landscaping tend to gather along road or neighborhood of the sea. A lot of people who want to make much of privacy may live in the inland. And there are some shopping malls…


(B) MJJ Do You Remember The Time Event Stage Area. It is an event meeting place here.

MJJ Do You Remember The Time Event Stage Area。イベント会場ですね。

(C) FREEBIE DUNGEON. It is always a popular place full of many avatars here. There are many shopping malls in this neighborhood. But this zone is laggy very much.

FREEBIE DUNGEON。有名なフリービーモールです。いつ来ても大勢のアバターで商品の多さと相まってとても重いですw 周囲にはたくさんモールがあります。

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