Heterocera : Tuliptree(February 6, 2010 )

Tuliptree Station of the starting point (a terminal) of SLRR.


 Damion Goodman(belongs to commission) owns the land which was next to the Eastern bloc of the station. The building of here is often rebuilt. There was the shop which was Steampunk before here…

駅の東側に隣接した土地はDamion Goodman、SLRC(コミッション)側の人物の所有ですが、ここがよく変わりますw。以前はスチームパンク風な店でしたが・・・

The Goodman Design Lab

An unmanned car runs. He seems to have the thought that is near to Jer in commission.


 Commuter Train. The sold craft is operated automatically all.

 There was free HUD to make a smile. HUD of my now is many functions, but it is exchange because the operation is unstable.


I have a feeling that pawpaw set up this signal box along SLRR.


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