Norwegian houses

I took a walk through Vest of Second Norway and found the building under construction. This does not seem to be a house of inhabitants. What is this building? Is it a hospital?  Indeed…

 Norwegian traditional houses were sold in Bryggen Handel.

Herregårds house(Manor House)

What is Snorre?


Fjelltun(Mountain Courts)  Klassisk norsk stil Med røyk fra innebygget peis(Classic Norwegian style with smoke from the built-in fireplace)

Fjellheim(Mountain Home)  Gammel norsk stil  Kommer med peis og animert røsk(Old Norwegian style, coming with a fireplace and animated røsk). røsk?

I asked a meaning of “Snorre” and “røsk ”  to Mialinn,Second Norway CO-owner which I was not able to understand till the last.

She answered me.
“Snorre is a boy name. Snorre is a famous saga writer. Røsk is to tear something out.
Sorry i dont know any good dictionary, norwegian is hard to translate”.

Norwegian surely tends not to understand the meaning of the noun.

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