Jeogeot Walking 5

 There is occasionally such a small mountain in the flat inland department alone. Because it attracts attention very much, it is ideal for the park, but it is Closed to the Public.

(A)  United States of America SL. A diesel by Mick was put.

 The tram by Apolon.

A passenger car by followmeimthe Piedpiper. I saw the same one in SouthernTier New York.

The diesel which Jer sells 🙂

 There is a big residence in the seashore.

 Oh!Air Force One?NO.  Air Force One is a call sign of the United States Air Force aircraft carrying the President of the United States.

 Secret service rose on the ground in great numbers. However, nobody notices me. Er? Do they ignore me?

 This building is the White House. Of course there is not the American President here 🙂

 There is a mountain in the neighborhood of this White House.

 The view from the mountain is strange.

(B)  The outskirts most of the cape which stuck out of the South-West are only land of the Closed to the Public. Therefore, I flew, and I investigated height more than 80m. I found the bench and landed there. The land with much Ban line does not become the object to introduce.

Green Goblin

(C)  I found the park which was finally shown.

Haddath Lakes Nature Reserve

 The park by inhabitants should be thanked for very much on this continent with poor public spaces  originally.

The new continent has few public places in comparison with the Old continent(Sansara,Heterocera). This may be a difference of the policy of private serious consideration or the public serious consideration.

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