My aim

I laid a truck of S2 in my homestead,Rera. I imaged that it seemed to be a mountain railway in it. We can enjoy ups and downs of the topography of SIM by we ride the truck, and moving. It is splendid that people understanding increase in the good point of SIM which they ride a truck, and was full of ups and downs 🙂

I removed and reconstructed my home in the vicinity of the top of a high rocky mountain because it interfered with the scenery . Cho which is newly-married with an owner of Full SIM and minami of his newly-married woman, Expert Tatusya of the wedding ceremony direction,Bach,Bubunba did the meeting of the next event the other day there.



It may be good to make the place where all can gather. I do not very have an opportunity to meet all of Chita for a while. But I was surprised to watch the wedding ceremony at the church of Chita very much the other day. It was progress of splendid building / texture / script /event progress. I must increase opportunities to meet more them.


On the other hand, a purpose of my North Europe connection does not make progress recently. I found the place where Finnish people gathered last year, and there was finally some friends. The difference of the language is surely big. Of course they are better at English than we Japanese. They think of me and change Finnish conversation into English conversation.

However, the place that I visited was not able to enter suddenly. I forgot the Finnish that I learned a little. I want to enjoy conversation with overseas people.

That my aim gets possible to speak English, Swedish, Finnish fluently 🙂

Oops!This is the aim that is very difficult for me.






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