Jeogeot Walking 4

I noticed the setting being interface indication after having uploaded images. I took snapshots with having set it in the case of the last road investigation. I was irritated by lateness of the drawing of a used Rainbow viewer now and completely forgot it. This is considerably slow in comparison with Snow Globe. There are many cases that drawing is not completed even if this viewer waits more than five minutes. When I move a place in sequence, the delay of this drawing is a fatal fault.

I have complained…  By the way, I started a search of the Jeogeot continent South-West.

(A) Cherry Tree Rentals–De Torens van de Hoogte–apartment rentals. The condominium of this minute Cherry Tree Rentals is seen at some points of this continent. It does not matter,don’t the inhabitants feel lag?

画像をアップして気付いたインターフェイス表示w 前回の道路調査のままSS撮ってた。いやもう今使用中のレインボウビューワーの描画の遅さにイライラしっ放しでそこまで気を配る余裕もなかったのでしたw メインアバで使ってるスノーグローブの速さと比べると月とスッポンですね。5分以上待ってもまだ描画し切れないなんてもう致命的>< あたしのようにどんどん移動してくのが常態化してる人にはもっと描画早いのじゃないと使えないですねー。

グチが長くなっちゃったw で、Jeogeot大陸南西部の探索に入っていくのだ。

(B) The institution which I introduced it yesterday, but faded away today. It was the existence that did not reach one month.


In here, the building of the right side disappears.



I have come to this shop sometimes before. Because it is coming to the store in the teleport,as for me, this shop did not know a thing in the Jeogeot continent so far.  Japanese Sakuya Lane is the shop of the owner here.
Sakuya Laneさんのお店

 Appetizing chocolate and cookie are sold.

 This tea set is favorite one of me.

As for the clothes treated in this shop, Gothic & Lolita fashion is maine.

Kelley Park, Zhora.

 Because there was Poze ball, I sat down.

 When there is such a beautiful park in the area that is ratio dreary, a feeling softens.

 It is a very precious park here in this area.

 I often look at the beach of sculpty recently.

“Postulates and Axioms: Peace, Evolution, Nonchalance, Tolerance, Aesthetics” 

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