Jeogeot Driving 5

I go south in Route9 successively in the last time.


 I started from the top of the bridge.


 I went up the slope, and I saw a big institution in right and left immediately.


“shop mall freebies money linden sploders sex zyngo earn money store clothings male female skin shape home house italia club dance vampire blood shoe shoes camp events dollars contest game free avatar weapons rpg music job shopping camping”

It seems to be a still new institution done in this January here.


 There are stages. The practical use is not yet considered to be it.


 HIYA HUT  – Art gallery, Rock live spot, Jeans shop –
Art gallery (spot sale),  Rock music live spot, DJ dance floor, Bar,  Jeans shop, Japanese rock music movie screen, Art picture, Rock psychedelic poster,Japanese Ukiyoe poster, Jeans pants, Shirt, Rock T-shirt, Progressive rock

一方、道の右側にあるのはHIYA HUT。Hiyayakkoさんという日本人の方が運営している場所のようです。

The rock concert is held here.


 A Japanese-style room.


 The posters of the rock band and the ukiyoe prints  are displayed in the gallery.


 I fall out between incomprehensible huge buildings and go south.


 There is the part of a road surface considerably desolate on the way and is interesting 🙂


It is paved a little in the latter half of the course, but it breaks off immediately.


I arrive at the spot where a pavement part swelled. I finished a drive here.

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