Jeogeot : Pavement of Route9

My sister ran in the northern part of Route9 by her jeep and repeated a jump. She went to examine Route9 with myuki last night. I report a result of the investigation.  HAHAHA,it is not serious.

There should be the cause why jeep jumps for this pavement.

I point a camera from the basement to the surface of the earth. The strange point is not found.

The prim of a mysterious oval was buried in the joint of the pavement.

Jeep jumps surely if in this state. What kind of purpose was this prim made up in? The ride comfort of the vehicle turns worse in this surely…

The name of the object is “patch”. Rather off-road should have better ride comfort of the vehicle.

And I was worried about the lowness of the level of this local FPS.

There is not much number of objects, but FPS is a low level.

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2 Responses to Jeogeot : Pavement of Route9

  1. Once I get some time I plan to retrace many of your explorations here, ujiyasu (and also those of your sister’s?). It’s a big continent, and you’re already traveling over a lot of area that I haven’t been to.

    A side note: don’t you have speed bumps in Japan?

    Thumbs up!

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Ah!! Speed bump 🙂
    I see……

    I regarded it as a nuisance.
    Anyway because Route9 is a highway.

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