Jeogeot Driving 4

It is a crossing in Falkor of the Jeogeot continent northwest here. Route10 of this side extends from here to the north. The road going in right and left (east and west) is Route9. I made a left turn in the case of “Jeogeot Driving 2” from this side and went to the east. I go to the west this time.
By the way, what is this big rock lump which rises to stand in the way of the very front?

Jeogeot大陸北西部のFalkorにある交差点。手前はRoute10でここから北へ伸びています。左右(東西)に通る道はRoute9。Jeogeot Driving 2では手前から左折して東へ行きました。今回は西へ向かいます。

There is land named * LME Sims *Naboo *City of Keren-.
“The Legacy era, set 140+/- years after Return of the Jedi
Star Wars inspired Sim, Space Station, Mining Station,Smugglers, Bounty Hunters, Sith, Imperial Outpost, Large ship rentals, roleplay,Jedi, part of Little Mos Eisley Sims. DCS2”

I cannot enter the land at here. Something is stuck on the land, and a thing such as a transparent wall seems to spread to the at a high altitude. I think that it is an institution about Star Wars here. The traffic of the place exceeds 5000…

 * LME Sims *Naboo *City of Keren-という名前です。

When I begin a drive, Jeep jumps intensely. I was interested and displayed a transparence object. It is buried in the road what it is. It which was put to the joint of the pavement lets my jeep jump intensely. This phenomenon was caused in Route10 and Route9 of the conventional Jeogeot continent northwest. Because a public road hangs over the private land, in the wall of the Star Wars institution which filled the public road greatly, there is not a way. However, this harms a beautiful sight greatly…


 Straight lines are often found, and Route9 is easy to originally run,but lag and the jump let difficulty do going straight of my jeep.


These outskirts were the severest.


What is taking place? A jump to the side in the pavement road.

 いったい何でしょうね? 舗装路でいきなり横っとびしたり・・・

There are point some which is dangerous that a border of 4SIM crossed, and I am transferred to the direction that therefore do not expect it either.

4 SIMの境界がクロスした危険な箇所もいくつかあってそこでも予期しない方向へ飛ばされます。

 All can happen…


I was beginning to give up a vehicle once.


In advancing by the most going slowly  after all.


 It is a long way.


 I found the bridge and finished a drive here.



 It is convenient for a break and the terminal of the drive here.


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2 Responses to Jeogeot Driving 4

  1. Nish Mip says:

    lol have you passed your test yet 🙂 I have almost given up using vehicles . I only use the ones that go very slowly or else just walk. I think the biggest improvement that second life could ever make is a smooth sim crossing .

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Furthermore, view is limited when I get on vehicles. It is rather inconvenient for the exploration 🙂

    I regard vehicle in SL as a toy. It may be a tool of the stories in my blog. Therefore, I let my sub do a trip of the foot.

    The description about the vehicle with my blog is a record of the interchange with my friends/scripters and creators. They read my article and refer to it. Or it becomes the funny story 😀

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