Japan which is sinking(The Japanese who is deteriorating) 劣化しつつある日本人

Preliminary investigation of PIAAC which OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) investigates is going to begin in this April. And a thing that the main investigation is performed in 2011, and a result is reported in 2013.

The present when the labor market does fluidity globally, This is performed by necessity to measure how much ability adult of each country has. Investigation is performed for 65 years old from 16 years old at an OECD member nation, and it will be measured a business skill and basic scholastic ability.

As for it, comprehension,mathematics and ability for problem solving that they applied IT in, becomes the investigation object, It is investigated whether they usually read what kind of newspaper or treatises.

The future of the investigation seems to be pessimistic about early in Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

“Many Japanese are weak in all of three ability investigated in PIAAC. I may be exposed to the criticism from Japanese if I expect a Japanese low rank. However, there is not that a Japanese comes to the high rank absolutely. When lowness of the Japanese ability is exposed in the world, it approaches.”
A certain government official bowed his head.

The lack of the Japanese comprehension is caused by the fact that they did not read. They did not read rapidly in these several years. Japanese 46% older than 16 years old read no book for one month. The Japanese citizen showers the slip of the tongue of an ex-Prime Minister and the Prime Minister existing Hatoyama with ridicule. But…
“I can understand that the people disgusted with the stupidity of the successive prime ministers point out the deterioration of the politician. However,the qualified voter who continues choosing such a politician for many years should notice a fact to continue deteriorating at the same time.”
A certain member of the Lower House said.

“The Japanese cannot say one’s thought before the situation”
Professor Terumasa Nakanishi of the Kyoto University graduate school.
“The Japanese cannot speak at the open place and thry are private later and complain at the time. They behave emotionally without having the discussion itself. The Japanese who does not insist on one’s opinion does not have the presence at the place of the international business and the place of negotiations either.”







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