Rera : February 1, 2010

Chita which was adjacent in the south of Rera is Route SIM of Rera of Homestead. I climbed the highest mountain of the Chita and looked down at Chita. In the outskirts, snow is still piled up, and it is scenery of the winter. Inhabitants build a house or a workshop in Chita freely and live. And there is a church in the sky.


Whole view of Rera. Only I live in Rera(or my sis). Rera did not make scenery of the winter this time. I enjoyed winter to the full in my house of Second Norway. I changed a season of Rera this morning from autumn to spring.

目を北へ転じるとReraがあります。ここはあたし一人が住んでいます。Reraは今回冬の装いを最後までしませんでした。もう一箇所、Second Norwayが雪景色でしたので冬の気分はそちらでということだったのです。なので紅葉にしていましたが今朝一気に春の景色に変えました。

And I introduce a truck.  I spread a rail from my land of Chita to the home of Rera.


I make a new house in the top neighborhood of the mountain of the rock now.


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