Jeogeot Walking 3

I walked the East Coast zone of the Jeogeot continent northwest.

A lot of castles are built on the mountain along the waterway. It seems to be a castle private both. There are many castles in SL, but what do the people pursue in the castle?

BikeShop BURNOUT–Main Shop–  I understand that it is a Japanese shop immediately. The noodle stand which was put in the parking lot and a taxi of green Tokyo.

Therefore motorcycles made in Japan were sold. Me?  I want to ride on Harley or Moto Guzzi inworld.

I saw a Swedish national flag in a remote island. The owner of the land wrote it in the profile.

“I speak bad English”

The Swede has an impression to speak the English that it is more fluent than a Japanese.  Hahaha. My wretched English shows it 🙂

The neighborhood whole area was troubled by much Ban lines and securitys. This neighborhood seems to be a private area to the last.

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2 Responses to Jeogeot Walking 3

  1. baker says:

    I’m enjoying this series very much. Keep it up!

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Thank you 🙂
    Your words give my trip more will.

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