sakurako Skin

 In the evening, I did TP to the place where I was invited to Cat. There was Cat with owner of sakurako Skin, sakurako.


 She puts on indeed splendid skin and shape. The skin which Sadako of B@R recommended to me is a high quality. And the skin has the plumpness that an expression shows the gentleness of the woman.

流石にとんでもない美人ですw B@RのSadakoさんがお勧めなだけある極めて高品質なスキン。女性の優しさが表情に表れるようなふくよかさも持っています。

By the way, how should I adapt this wonderful skin to me?  The theme of my features is North Europe myth. Those conditions are this hairstyle become me,white skin and the features that strength of the will was expressed. I collected demonstration articles at main shop and tried it. I don’t change my shape.

さてこの凄いスキンをどうあたしに合わせるかなんですねー。テーマは北欧神話。このヘアスタイルが似合うこと、肌が白いこと、意志の強さが出ている容貌であることなどなどを前提に本店でデモをかき集めて片っ端に試してみましたww シェイプは変えません。それぞれのスキンにはよく合うように作られたシェイプが同梱されているのですが、敢えて使わずにスキンだけを変えてみました。

Some colors of the skin are dark for me.


The neighborhood of the eyes seems to become a Japanese woman.


I decided in this by the feeling of eyes and white of the skin intuitively. This is near to the ideal that I assumed.


 If skin dries up, this is good.


This has good well-defined eye.


This is splendid, too.


 This becomes a Japanese.


After all I decided to choose me by intuition.


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