Japan which is sinking(TOYOTA 2)沈む日本(トヨタ2)

Toyota prints an exceptional full-page advertisement in each  newspaper.

It was expected that Toyota Motor Corporation announced the remedy about the malfunction of the accelerator pedal which developed into a large-scale recall on 1st at the earliest. Toyota carries an exceptional full-page advertisement explaining the present conditions in the New York Times dated 31st and moves for confusion control.
“We announce an effective repair method soon”
“We cope immediately”
“The reason why we took the correspondence without such a precedent is that it is right for a customer”
Toyota insists.
However, it is correspondence after it was criticized lateness of the correspondence of Toyota.


The Toyota main office which became the Soviet Union

”When do you work in the Soviet Union from?”
A certain before vice-president scolded  subordinates in this way.

Toyota introduced a global master plan in 2002. It was a rough plan for Toyota to unfold abroad. However, the plan began progress to the selfish direction. Only the plan became important, and the revision of the plan was not possible. It was a change to like the communism of Toyota.

Even if this says the one of the Japanese characteristics, it is not exaggeration. The Japanese society and company often perform excessive management. It takes dynamism and flexibility away from a company and people. It seems that Toyota suffers from this severe “Japanese illness” now.



これは日本人の特質の一つと言っても過言ではありません。日本の社会や企業は度々過度な管理を行います。 それは企業や人々からダイナミズムと柔軟性を奪います。現在トヨタはこの重度な「日本病」に罹っていると思われます。

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