An SL wedding ceremony

I attend a wedding ceremony inworld tonight. Just before that; I talked to Sadako of B@R about clothes.


My sub account, so to speak, has the registration time newly in a growth process. When I talk with Sadako about clothes in various ways, an idea often flashes.


The bridal couple of the SL wedding ceremony is owner of this SIM, Cho and minami of inhabitants. They seem to have brought up love for three years before neighboring everybody noticed it. Rera of Homestead adjacent to Chita of Private SIM  stood alone seems to be a solitary island in the distant sea. We live in this SIM for 2 years.

SL結婚式の新郎新婦はReraの本SIMのオーナー、Choさんと住民のminamiさん。周囲の皆が気付かないうちにもう3年も愛を育んできたのだそうです。ぽつんと孤立したPrivate SIMのChitaと隣接するHomesteadのReraは絶海の孤島のようです。ここで私達はこのSIMが2年前、現在地にできたときから過ごしてきました。

Chita is SIM which does not recruit inhabitants. There will be a few Japanese knowing the existence in spite of being Japanese SIM. We disliked the trouble peculiar to the Japanese who occurred in a row for the SL spread period in Japan. Of the time when a self-styled SL famous person strode along then Japan as for it.


Cho of the bridegroom is the owner of Chita. I was taken care of by him. He protected me from my disturbance in the Japanese society. minami of the bride is active in Fontana of music SIM.  And she is scripter.



Crea,owner of dance club Elfin which there is deep interchange with Chita,and kyota which is the owner of the Mermaid Temple blessed a bridal couple on behalf of inhabitants.


We spent happy fantastic night for a long time.

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2 Responses to An SL wedding ceremony

  1. Nish Mip says:

    What a beautiful church, the bride and groom look amazing and so do the guests . You have taken some really nice pictures.

  2. ujiyasu says:

    You praise this church, and I am glad 🙂
    Unfortunately it was not my wedding ceremony.

    I tell your words to SIM owner. He will feel your praise glad by all means.

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