Jeogeot Walking 2

Sternberg Schloss

The inside of the palace becomes the museum. The lithograph of the palace.

I do not understand the name of this palace.

Anyway the explanation is German.

A garden of the rear of the palace.

This neighborhood has many spherical mountains.

I climbed the mountain and looked down at this world.

I felt fine when I shortened the drawing distance of my PC. Er?  Did this become the poor scenery?

Perfect Harmony
Dancing and romancing in a mountain-top jungle atmosphere.  Be sure to set your environment to midnight for the best experience.  Explore and find all the hidden nooks and be sure to check out the hanggliding, jet skis, and 7 Seas fishing

I reflect on how I misunderstood a Jeogeot continent so far.

An airplane flew when it fell in the south foot of the mountain.

There was an airport. However, it seems to be still under construction generally here.

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