Jeogeot Driving 3

(A) I found the way which went to the right on one’s way to Xenosaur from Swiss Village Ober. It was a thin course, but I entered the way.

An overpass to pass by over Route9.

(B) Orderly row of houses along a city street of  Sternberg.

There is a place such as the bus stop to come to a dead end.

Sternberger PostAutoHaltestelle.(Sternberger Post Bus Station)
There is the bus stop which was similar in the Japanese country. The old posters put on the wall look just like it 🙂

The mountain of the rock which is characteristic of this area.

Though the drawing distance of more my PCs should be long…

The neighbor of Sternberg seems to be a wonderful place.

(C) Institute of Cyberculture Studies Parklands Water Mill
Part of The Institute of Cyberculture Studies Enabling Spaces Research Project situated within the beautiful and peaceful Elvarg Parklands.

Small ducks.

It is what a beautiful pond.

Of the completeness of the shrubbery is perfect.

I was relaxed for a while here. The comfort let my mind of RL refresh.

However, this huge black building which there was next to a pond is weird. Naturally it was Closed to the Public here.

(D) I went ahead through Route9 to the southeast and approached the crossing.

I make a left turn at the crossing and go to the northeast.  There is rental land in the right, and an odd mountain…

The mountain was huge and phantom Sculpted prim.

A monotonous way. These outskirts think that environment changes if inhabitants increase.

(E) I finished a drive this time here like a terminal with Jeogeot Driving 1.

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