Japan which is sinking(TOYOTA 1)沈む日本(トヨタ1)

United States House Committee on Energy and Commerce announced the holding of the public hearing on February 25 about the issue of quality of Toyota Motor Corporation,. The Committee dispatched a summons to the president of Toyota Motor North America. The Committee is going to investigate actions to safety measures of Toyota. Toyota emphasized a policy to hurry by the correspondence between the U.S. part maker CTS which produced parts concerned of the accelerator pedal which caused the issue of recall.

“The lack of the sense of impending crisis” is pointed out in the background of a series of troubles of the Toyota car.
The Toyota executive officer commented on the influence of Toyota having announced about 2,300,000 recalls on this month 21.
“There became few former desegregation busings.”
If they guaranteed the security of the customer and carried through posture to “plan trust recovery”, they seem to have judged it when the criticism of the American public opinion softened. Washington Post criticized them for this.
“Toyota don’t understand how they should have dealt with a problem. Many customers are at a loss by a manner of Toyota..”

More than 20 years, the American man who used Toyota car habitually said.
“Toyota is not complete anymore”
The clientage is disgusted with a series of troubles.


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