Japan which is sinking(The country which is hard to live for a youth)

Many Japanese youths leave Japan! The Japanese decline that decrease of the employment brings  from DIAMOND ONLINE


若者の「海外流出」が止まらない! 冷え込む雇用がもたらす日本の衰退 DIAMOND ONLINEより

There are a lot of youths who leave Tokyo when such “a closedown society is unpleasant” recently.

The Japanese becomes the greatest departure excess in the past 20 years. However, in late years the people of overseas residence of the company decreased. What does this mean?

“”The Japanese departure excess with a comparatively young generation of 20-40 generations in particular is outstanding””

Chief scientist Japan Res. Inst. / Fujinami Takumi said.

The Engineer elite begins to give up for a Japanese big company, too.

“I become an incompetent human being as it is if in the Japanese large company……”

The Boss of a young engineer did not recognize his ability.

“The evaluation of the worker is decided with number of hours overtime work not a skill and the results in Japan. Flatter to the boss was an important skill in Japan.”

“In the Silicon Valley, the engineer is evaluated by each skill.It is important how I give a result quickly. It is the evidence that ability is low to work overtime unlike Japan.”

He had doubt towards a Japanese seniority system. His American boss is absent from a company for study every Friday. The reason is because knowledge of the state-of-the-art is indispensable to make a precise decision in the American company. However, the Japanese bosses think technical study to be able to entrust a young person. Naturally, as for them, nothing knows the spot, and the concrete instructions are not possible at all.

They still maintain one’s position. He became the gloomy feeling when he thought about waste of the time and the cost that they generated.

“Japan of such a structure does not have a dream.”

If Japan becomes the place that is hard to live for a youth, a shadow will be born in the Japanese future.

















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