Jeogeot Driving 2

The drive of the Jeogeot continent goes south from the last time.


I depart from the departure spot of the last time and the same point. I run in the gentle uphill slope.


I saw the mountain of the rock before long. Route9 goes along the immediate foot in the east and west. I make a left turn there and go to the east.


Oh! Pavement breaks off…


These outskirts have many mountains of the rock.


There was a big town.


I found the private road which was in the town. Visitor Counter “Willkommen – Welcome in Sternberg  ujiyasu Handrick. !” It seems to be a town of German zone here.


Infos: Role Play – Streeter Baudin; City – Enrico Sands
Weihnachtsmarkt; Christmas Market; Rollenspiel; Role Play; Polizei, Police; Feuerwehr, Fire Brigade; Shopping; Autos; Cars, Motor cycles; Motorrad; Cog Rail; ;Touist Information;

There was a Japanese motorcycle shop.

Beautiful scenery continues when I go ahead through the way toward the west.


Swiss Village Ober-Sternberg

The beautiful garden which spreads out on the slope.

I discovered newly beautiful scenery in Jeogeot 🙂

Here was a cable car and a subway, but I did not understand the how to get on :’-)

This scene lets me take a happy feeling. Yay!!

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3 Responses to Jeogeot Driving 2

  1. baker says:

    Yes, I like Sternberg as well! I find it rather laggy there and I don’t visit as much as I did.

    If you keep exploring Jeogeot you must go to the village of Chilbo sometime. I’m kind of a pseudo-resident of it. Very different feel from Sternberg; I like both in different ways.

  2. ujiyasu says:

    “I like both in different ways.”
    Yes,ut is a good thought!!
    It gains opportunities to enjoy inworld.
    There is always difference in sense of values.

    I had narrow-mindedness to affect one’s sense of values. However, it decreases an opportunity to enjoy SL.

    I am some reflection 🙂

  3. ujiyasu says:

    I know Chilbo, too. I wrote it in the old blog in April of the last year 🙂

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