What is the Second Life Railway Consortium?

Mick argued with Stryker Jenkins in a railroad crossing of HOBO. Mick is a producer of the locomotives, and I am a user of his locomotive. And, as for Mick which belongs to Second Life Railway Commission and the Second Life Railway Consortium which Stryker belongs to, a disagreement was serious until recently.

The Second Life Railway Consortium is an organization without familiarity for Japanese SLRR lovers including me.Most Japanese in the user is because is it.

Stryker put a script in a rail guide and wanted to control it,and Mick objected to it. Mick worries about an existing train not working by the script. Why is The Second Life Railway Consortium particular about rule of SLRR?

I decided to examine  who Stryker Jenkins was. Wiki has a chapter for him(User:Stryker Jenkins).
Me about Me
“I love to build and construct houses and other things. So if you want some help just IM me. I build and life in Selene… see my profile picks for a landmark. I recently started doing some scripting work for my own houses as well. Apart from building structures like houses I also like to do some community work. I have worked on projects for Four Bridges. A collection of Non-Profit organizations. As well as for the ever growing Railway Community in Second Life. Amongst which the Second Life Railway Consortium.”

I did TP to Selene.


Therefore transportation system was sold not a locomotive. It is the same railroad connection, but the train is existence to be located in opposite poles.

As for him, appearance of a house seems to be Maine. However, his house does not seem to be a specialized architect.

The thing such as the locomotive which I witnessed was this after all.  This is a toy rather than a locomotive.

Does he expect this in SLRR?

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