Heterocera : The scene which was lost

Because pawpaw wrote an article called the [in front of an observatory a building!], I came to the spot to look.

“A building was done next to Route1 Viewing Platform. I see only a building from a telescope attached to Viewing Platform. I’m sad at the sight”.

He said. Ah,the view is ruined in this. According to wiki,Route 1 Viewing Platform, Sociaria (A small platform to enjoy the views. ) This wiki has a feeling that more explanation was careful before, but there seems to be only curt explanation now.



「建物が「Route 1 Viewing Platform」の隣に出来ました。Viewing Platform付属の望遠鏡からは「建物」しか見えません(たぶん)。

wikiによればRoute 1 Viewing Platform, Sociaria (A small platform to enjoy the views. )

In the mainland having much region without a rule in particular,we can’t expect what kind of building an owner of the land builds at all. The consciousness of inhabitants for the scene is various.

The inhabitants who are sensitive to it being destroyed a favorite scene may like to live in private region. I live in homestead alone from the same reason , too. Such an example will occur frequently in future.


お気に入りの景観を破壊されることに敏感な住民たちはprivate regionに住むことを好むかも知れませんね。同様の理由であたしもhomesteadに一人で住んでいます。このような事例は今後も多発するでしょう。

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